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Project results

The project "Supporting the Local Food System for Healthy Nutrition" began its activities in the jamoats Histevarz and Dadoboy Kholmatov Bobojon, Gafurov district, Sughd region in January 2019 and successfully completed its work in February 2020 with good results. The partners of the project were the ATPR Nau and the Ranginkamon NGO with the support of the FSDS Foundation, Germany.

Project goal: Reducing the risks of child disability through improving food security and early intervention in vulnerable families of Histevarz and Dadoboy Kholmatov Jamoats, Bobojon, Gafurov district

Project objectives:
- To support 100 vulnerable households of Bobojon, Gafurov district, with young children with disabilities and developmental delays, to improve and diversify food production.
- Improving equal access of mothers and young children (0-3 years) to Early Intervention programs in the prevention and management of developmental delays and malnutrition.
100 children from vulnerable families of pilot jamoats were examined (blood, urine and feces tests), and only 10% of children from both jamoats had normal blood counts. Children who were found to have abnormal blood counts or other abnormalities in the analysis were referred for consultations to local medical institutions.
All children were consulted by the pediatrician of the NGO "Ranginkamon" and the diet was adjusted. And also an individual development plan was drawn up for not every child, according to which services for the development of age-related skills were provided by providers.
From the side of the organization APPR Nau, the beneficiaries were distributed vegetable seeds, chickens and rabbits according to the needs and capabilities of the family, taking into account the fact that the product grown or bearing offspring will be used in the children's diet.
For parents of 100 vulnerable families, trainings were conducted by the NGO "Ranginkamon" on the topics "Proper nutrition for good health" and "Anemia and malnutrition", and by the APPR Nau on the technology of growing vegetables and caring for pets.
Providers of the NGO "Ranginkamon" provided services for the development of age-related skills to children. Children were visited at home and invited to group sessions in the Jamoat Early Care Rooms. Also, the feeding of the child was monitored according to the compiled diet.
In February 2020, the project beneficiaries were re-examined and a significant improvement in blood counts in children was found.

Positive results of the project:
- distributed chickens, rabbits, vegetable seeds, financially helped families to improve the diet of children.
- children with abnormalities in the analyzes were identified and received appropriate treatment
- the amount of anemia of severe and moderate severity has decreased or leveled out
- feeding children according to the correct diet contributed to a full and varied nutrition of children and in gaining weight and height.
- the knowledge gained helped the parents to pay attention to the varied and complete feeding of the child and the whole family.

Project sustainability:
- Parents continue to feed according to the correct diet for children under 5 years old
- The knowledge gained is applied in the practice of everyday life
- Use a variety of foods in your child's daily diet
- Eggs and meat of animals, and grown vegetables are used in the child's diet
- Parents continue to apply the acquired skills to develop the child

March 2020 Pediatrician Karimova Z.M.