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Success story about the activities of the project "Inclusive Theater"

Date: 19 фев. 2021 Read: 464

The idea of writing a project about Inclusive Theater came after analyzing a wide experience of working with children with disabilities. During 20 years of its activity, PA "Ranginkamon", providing services for children with children, sees progress in the development of children, in their socialization, in changing the thinking of parents, in their attitude towards their special child. At the end of each project, children show their abilities, their talents in the form of concert numbers, small scenes, where their parents perform along with the children.
When the Open Society Institute of the Assistance Fund in Tajikistan announced a competition for the implementation of a short-term project, the management of the NGO Ranginkamon immediately wrote and won a grant for the implementation of the Inclusive Theater project. The project was based on the idea of destroying stereotypes of thinking about children with disabilities through the creation of an inclusive theater and showing a play about the problems of parents and children with disabilities.
The main goal of the project was to change the attitude of society towards the problems of children with disabilities through art and the creation of an inclusive theater.
The main tasks for achieving the goal were:
- creation of an inclusive theater from among the disabled children and their parents, schoolchildren and volunteers
- strengthening social activity, self-confidence of disabled children and their friendship with peers
- change in the negative attitude of society towards the problems, skills and abilities of disabled children and towards their parents.
The first three months of the project were devoted to the selection of talented children, the assessment of their hidden talents, teaching acting skills, for which a professional specialist was invited - a young director of the Theater of the Young Spectator.
Then the children were given a choice of several scenarios for staging the play. Hans Christian Anderson's fairy tale "The Ugly Duckling" was unanimously chosen, the moral of which was the ability to overcome trials and the fact that one should not be afraid to be different from others, not to lose heart and not give up.
Children and their parents took up rehearsals with great enthusiasm, overcame their stiffness and inarticulateness and gradually turned into professional actors, literally.
A great merit, in the implementation of the project, of the employees of the NGO "Ranginkamon", especially the service providers, was that they provided transportation of children from pilot jamoats using technical means of transportation (wheelchairs) and ensured the care and safety of the DOVZ.

And now the day came when the audience had to see the performance itself!
There was no limit to the excitement of children and their parents! The hall of the theater for young spectators was overcrowded with invited guests, among whom were representatives of the arts, parents of DOV, and those who simply wanted to.
And when the curtain opened, the hall froze and at times burst into applause. In one breath, the life of an ugly duckling and its becoming a wonderful swan swept through, overcoming ridicule, society's rejection of an ugly unusual duckling. His despair, at times the desire to die and disappear from society, filled the eyes of the audience with tears. I was struck by the resilience of the mother of the duckling, protecting her child and how her hopes were justified when the ugly duckling turned into a beautiful swan.
It was a colossal success, the hall was mesmerized by the performance of children and their parents, the colorful costumes, decorations, beautiful musical design of the performance were a great success among the audience.
Rave reviews on social networks, the number of views of excerpts from the performance exceeded all expectations!
Famous artists such as the People's Artist, Sairam Isoeva and many others expressed their delight and wished creative success in the future of the inclusive theater.
The activities of the project revealed the hidden potential of children with disabilities and their parents and opened up great opportunities for the realization of their talents and desires. An important aspect was the change in the attitude of society and the opinion of people towards families with health conditions and their parents.