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Regional Network «CBR Sugd»

The decision of creation of the Regional Network CBR Sugd was made at «Development of Partnership Network in the Implementation of CBR Programs in the Sughd Region" seminar, which was held on April 9th, 2015 year in Khujand city. The seminar participants were representatives of local public organizations (NGOs), international organizations, government agencies, the local Hukumat and organizations of parents of children with disabilities.

The purpose of creation was the formation of a long-term policy focused on the development of the CBR program (Community-Based Rehabilitation) in jamoats, cities and districts of the Sughd region on the basis of effective intersectional partnerships and the increased participation of local communities, family members of the People With Disabilities (PWD) and the PWD themselves in activities that support Inclusive Development at Community Level.

The establishment period of the Regional Network CBR Sugd was supported by the international organization Caritas-Germany in Tajikistan and the International Branch of the Open Society Institute, Assistance Fund in Tajikistan.

The members of the Regional Network CBR Sugd are 20 organizations, of which 17 are public organizations (5 organizations of parents of disabled children), 3 government institutions.

Geography of coverage: Republic of Tajikistan, Sugd region: Isfara, Ganchi, Penjakent, Bobojon Gafurov, Kanibadam, Istaravshan, Buston and Khujand (in the Sugd region there are 18 regions).

The strategic goal of the Regional Network CBR Sugd was signed until 2025 year for the implementation and development of the CBR program for people with disabilities in the Sughd region.

Main goals:

  • Raising awareness among public about the CBR program
  • Creating an enabling environment for developing local CBR programs
  • Lobbying

Members of the CBR Sugd Regional Network

1. Public Organization "Manbay Mehr", Khujand city
2. Public organization "Nuri Umed", Panjakent
3. Public organization "Sarchashma" , Khujand city
4. Public organization “Ranginkamon” Khujand city
5. Public organization “Paivandi Shahrvandi”, Kanibadam
6. Public organization "Maksad" , Devashtich district
7. Public organization “Parents of children with disabilities”, Khujand city
8. Public organization “Navniholoni zarafshon” , Panjakent
9. Public organization “Chamani orzu”, Bobodzhon Gafurov district
10. Preschool educational institution #10 of Khistevarz jamoat, B.Gafurov district
11. Children’s Right Department of the Khukumat of the Sughd Region
12. Center for children with disabilities of Isfara city
13. Public Council at Hukumat of the Sugd region
14. Association of parents of children with disabilities of Panjakent
15. Public organization "Mehri Dil" of Istaravshan
16. Committee of parents of children with disabilities in Buston
17. Association of Entrepreneurs of Sughd Region
18. The crisis center "Gulrukhsor" of Khujand city
19. ASDP "Nau" Khujand city
20. Center for the elderly and disabled people of Kanibadam