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About Organization

Public Organization Ranginkamon is operating in Tajikistan since 2000 year.

Mission of the Organization: To support the integration of children with disabilities in public relations.

Ranginkamon has the following advantages:

  • Organization has a mandate - legal status No. 004-2191 “B” TJ dated April 27, 2018 (last update)
  • Lack of debt to tax authorities
  • Lack of penalties from the legislature of Tajikistan
  • Close cooperation at the state level:
    Memorandum of Cooperation on Early Intervention program with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare from June 12, 2017 to 2022 years.
    Memorandum of cooperation with local Hukumat of Bobojon Gafurov district on the development of the Rehabilitation Program at the Community Level from 2016 to 2021 years.
    Cooperation agreement with the Department of Health of the Isfara region for 2017-2022 years.
    Cooperation agreement with the Agency for Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Tajikistan for the implementation of the project “Early Intervention and Rehabilitation at the Community Level in Isfara”

  • At International level:
  • Agreement on cooperation with OSIAF Tajikistan on the provision of premises since 2014 year
    An agreement on cooperation with the Public Foundation FSDS Kyrgyzstan for the implementation of the project "Inclusive Society for All".
    For the implementation of the project "Early Intervention + Food Security".

  • The Potential of the organization are:
  • Human Resources:
    The head of the organization and 5 consultants took courses on inclusive education in Israel
    Since 2015, all employees of the organization, providers and partners in the network have been conducting training on early Intervention with the participation of experts from Israel
    33 providers from parents of children with disabilities, health workers, and teachers were trained to work with the community
    Technical resources - office equipped with equipment and technical means

  • Availability of Early Intervention Centers in pilot areas. 21 Early Intervention Offices were created in 3 areas of Tajikistan: GBAO-6 centers, Khatlon Region-5 centers, Sogd region -11 centers.
  • Availability of trained field staff in the field. 33 providers trained to work with community members
  • The presence of positive results from early intervention in children with disabilities. Until today, about 2,000 children with developmental problems received rehabilitation and early intervention services.
  • Applying a family-routine approach to Early Intervention.
  • Coverage of the activities of 3 large regions of Tajikistan: Sughd region (Khujand, areas of Bobojon Gafurov district, Isfara, Istaravshan, Ganchi); Khatlon region (Kulyab, jamoats of Zarbdor, Ziraki, Dahana); GBAO (Khorog, districts: Rushan, Murgab, Ishkashim, Roshtkala), and knowledge of the life features of these regions.